Not Just For Kids


The kid bike bags aren’t JUST for kids, ya know… I’ve sold the kid size bike bags to adults too. They are nice and small to fit your cell phone. It’s open top design, so you can see the beautiful interior colour or grab your phone easily if it rings. It will even fit a tiny water bottle as long as it isn’t too heavy. It’s perfect for the city ride, be it seawall, or quick jaunt to the coffee shop. It’s also easily removable with velcro straps, so you can tuck it under your arm while sitting in the coffee shop.

Here’s a kid sized bike bag on my Electra Cruiser.

Contact me if you’d like one for yourself or another wonderful adult in your life. My Etsy Store is here.


Red Dragon Bike Basket Done

towniedragon_1towniedragon_1b   reddragon_fin

This Asian inspired bike handlebar bag is now ready in my Etsy Store. It is adult size, approx 12″W x 6.5″H x 2″D. Easily fits 500mL water bottle, but is open top style. Don’t put in anything too heavy or it may fall out. The square base was really difficult to sew, but it keeps the base nice and flat — easy to stand up if you’re going to carry it around and put down at the coffee shop.

Now available in my Etsy Store.

Spring Sale


Bring on the warm weather already!!

Spring SALE in my Etsy Store. Type in code “spring25” and get 25% off anything in my store over $20. Valid the entire month of March 2015.

Gung Hey Fat Choy Sale

artsy_mag_gunghey rectangles_gunghey

Gung Hey Fat Choy, happy Chinese New Year everyone! Ring in the new year of the Sheep — buy anything in my Etsy Store, type in coupon code “gunghey20” and get 20% off everything over $20 USD. There is a limited amount of “flower power” bike bags, and custom order “urban rectangles” so get them while they last!

Sale valid until end of Feb 2015.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!

New Outdoor Fabric

chevron_3 chevron_2 chevron_1

I am experimenting with some new OUTDOOR fabric. And it’s beautiful! This fabric is water resistant and has a UV coating so it won’t fade in the light (500 hours direct sunlight). Do NOT wash it or that will remove all the coating on it and it won’t be fade resistant or water resistant anymore — spot clean only, or dry clean. This one might be in my Etsy Store soon is now available for special price in my Etsy Store.

I’m on Etsy — Shop 24/7!

My Etsy Store will be closed Dec 1-8 so I can attend my local craft fair. Be sure to make your purchases before shipping deadlines or you may end up paying more for shipping.

Holiday shipping deadlines — To USA destination, regular shipping price, deadline Dec 8, 2014. To Canada destination, regular shipping price, deadline Dec 11, 2014. If you do not make the above mentioned deadlines, your parcel may not arrive before Christmas (Dec 25th). In order to guarantee delivery by Dec 25th (if you miss the above mentioned shipping deadline) you must pay for “Xpresspost” or “Priority” service.