Incorporating Knit

Just learning to knit, I would like to incorporate knit items into my crocheted amigurumi patterns. Knitting is so lovely and soft. It really is perfect for clothing and wearable stuff. But crochet has nice firm stitches for dolls and toys. Here is my first knit project following a pattern:



New Yarn! More?!!

Yes, I couldn’t help myself. Best for me to just stay out of Dressew… Sigh…

This is Gedifra Sortido. It caught my eye because it has strands of stitched thread throughout. Kind of like two strands together. Fibre content: 68% New Wool, 19% Acrylic, 13% Polyamide. Calls for a size 9-10mm hook.
Unsure what the colour name is, but it has peachy, pink tones with some brown and orange flecks. Varying thicknesses throughout too. I am hoping to make a cat amigurumi. We’ll see how it looks.

New Yarn Stash!

I took a little trip downtown to Dressew. They have an amazing selection of yarn right now! Tons of Rowan and Gedifra (made in Italy!!!). I couldn’t resist at $1.99/ball.

The above purply pink yarn is 62% New wool, 30% Cotton, and 8% Polyamide.

I am always on the lookout for the PERFECT orange kitty yarn. I’m going to give this yarn a try:

It is called Velvet Wool. Made of 88% wool and 12% nylon. I’ll have to see if it’s too stretchy for amigurumi or not. The above colour is Rust.

I also couldn’t resist buying this crazy chartreuse green for a dress for one of the kitties.