Valentine’s Day Special Ice Cream Girl’s Bike Basket

Valentine's Day Special Ice Cream Girl's Bike Basket

Just listed this one of a kind girl’s bike basket in my Etsy Store. It is 100% cotton, reinforced with interfacing, heavy interfacing and lined with gorgeous quilter’s weight 100% cotton. It has pink thread (also 100% cotton) stitching and looks as yummy in person as it does in these photos.


Last Chance for One of a Kind Bike Bag

“Ok ok, don’t panic, you will all have your chance to be gouged,” as I remember that line from The Simpsons well enough. You still have time to buy one of these uber cool bike bags for that special little kid in your life. There are a few bags available in the “Ready to Ship” section of my Etsy Store. The only catch is the shipping component…

Are you hoping to receive this parcel by Christmas? In order to make the Dec 23rd deadline for shipping to USA or Canada, it will need to go via Xpresspost. Contact me for a custom listing because Xpresspost shipping is $33 — that’s if you want to make the Christmas deadline.  Once that is paid, I will stand in the never-ending lineup at Canada Post and mail your parcel with a grumpy cat smile on my face.


Beauty Shots of Kid Bike Bags

Beauty Shots of Kid Bike Bags

Here are some beauty shots of the most recent bags I’ll be sending out. It’s the most bags I’ve made in a day: 6. It takes me a while because I nit-pick. If I don’t like how the stitching looks, I’ll rip it all out and re-sew it. BTW I use 100% cotton thread. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s excellent quality. No cheap materials here, no sir-ree! I also triple stitch the straps, the joins, and the velcro. Just to be sure this bag will last. And I like to photograph right away when it’s nice out. All this stuff takes time… But I love it! Thanks for your support and thanks for buying handmade.

If you would like to buy or custom order a kid bike bag, visit my Etsy Store here.

If you want to know more about my story, click here.

More pictures here:

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Last Day for Cheap Shipping on Custom Made Bike Bags

Well today is the last day if you want a custom made bike bag for your child. It will take me a few days to make it, and the CHEAP shipping deadline (for USA and Canada destination) is Dec 9th, 2013!!

But do not fret, I have a few “ready to ship” bags that you can purchase from my Etsy Store. Deadline for those is Dec 9th.

Anytime after Dec 9th, it will have to go via Xpress Post ($30) or Purolator ($60) if you want to make Dec 23rd delivery to USA or Canada — that’s shipping only.


Harajuku Inspired “Hello Tokyo” Girl Bike Bags


It’s no surprise I fell in love with this fabric when I saw it. It’s pink with graphic Japanese dolls which remind me of Harajuku style —  so kawaii and funky cool! The coordinating fabric inside is tiny graphic dots with rounded squares (orange and red). Matches perfectly. I am taking custom orders for this girl bike bag. I only have enough to make 3 two more kid bike bags out of this fabric, so order quickly or it will be gone. There is still time to make cheap shipping if you want before Christmas!!

Here is the link to my Etsy Store if you would like to purchase one.

tokyo_1     tokyo_3     tokyo_4