About GiggleStuff

It all started when my daughter received her first bike: a balance bike. I looked for a basket, but there was nothing available for her tiny bike (and I hate plastic). So I turned to my sewing machine. My friend saw the little bike bag and custom ordered 5 to give as gifts to all her balance bike buddies. I posted some pics on Etsy and the rest is history.

My inspiration. I love being outdoors. We live near a river where the salmon spawn each year, and eagles and bears are free to live. My family and I cherish that. I love to make fun things that will get your kids outside so they can enjoy where they live.

My hopes and dreams. To find others who are trying to make a difference in the consumer world. I worry about what condition we will leave this earth if everyone continues to buy mass produced things that will be added to landfill. Please make educated choices when you are going to buy something. Try to reuse and repurpose things, hand things down so others can enjoy it.

My warranty. My toys and bags are made to last, so you can feel good that you are not adding to landfill with something mass produced that will fall apart. I also offer repair on my handmade goods, please send me a message and photo and I’ll try my best to repair it if something happens to it. All my handmade items are designed and created (by me) in my smoke-free and pet-free home. I am the designer, cutter, sewer, and maker — one woman shop!

Usage of photos from this blog is strictly prohibited. Feel free to link to my blog, but do not take my images and use them to sell your products or services. This is WRONG! If you would like to use one of my images, please send me an email asking me. I am glad that I can inspire others, as long as my images are not falsely used to sell someone else’s stuff. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “About GiggleStuff

  1. What delightful creations that are appealing and fascinating! Your creative talents give them a unique look and personality. I like the small details on clothes and face as well as in the hand with the cupcakes. Their names also stir the imagination.

    Mary K.

  2. Marlene made my newborn daughter a beautiful girl amigurumis. She has brown hair with a pink ribbon and an orange dress and is absolutely gorgeous! It is so beautifully made.
    Thank you!

  3. All of your lovies are so beautifully made, Marlene. The intricate work is amazing. My daughter Bryn is lucky enough to have a set of delicious cookies, donuts and cupcakes made by you, given to her by her friend Claire. She loves her “treats” and so do I! Are any of the items here available to order?

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