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My Etsy Store will be closed Dec 1-8 so I can attend my local craft fair. Be sure to make your purchases before shipping deadlines or you may end up paying more for shipping.

Holiday shipping deadlines — To USA destination, regular shipping price, deadline Dec 8, 2014. To Canada destination, regular shipping price, deadline Dec 11, 2014. If you do not make the above mentioned deadlines, your parcel may not arrive before Christmas (Dec 25th). In order to guarantee delivery by Dec 25th (if you miss the above mentioned shipping deadline) you must pay for “Xpresspost” or “Priority” service.

aotf2014_suitcasetoys aotf2014_bags

I had a great time at Art on the Farm this year. It was the event’s tenth year and the weather was perfect for the outdoor show. We had close to 700 visitors and lots of activities for the kiddos. Thanks for making it out and saying ‘hello’ — hope to see you in my Etsy Store soon too!

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Colton the Hipster Amigurumi Bear

Colton is a light grey hipster bear. He loves city life, food carts, and is addicted to caramel flan lattes. You will most likely see him checking his Facebook at one of your local free Wifi cafes, or taking a selfie and uploading it to Instagram.


Geek Bunny Amigurumi

This is Judd. He’s a designer/web programmer bunny. He loves fashion, and loves to stand out with little touches of colour.

Thanks for looking!

Hipster Cat Amigurumi

I’ve picked up my crochet hook again. Inspired by my hipster designer friends who are always wearing funky loud glasses and sporting the manly sole patch. I’m hoping to get into a couple of local big craft shows, so he will be for sale then.

hipstercat3 hipstercat2

Who Let the Dogs Out?!

Frenchie bulldog amigurumi is done! This is a custom order along with the black pug for a lady in Australia.

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Meet little black pug named “Shadow”. He is very sneaky. He creeps up beside you, behind you, in front of you. He just wants to be close to his master.

He was commissioned by a lady in Australia. Hope you like him!!



My friend is a glass bead artist. She made some glass eyeballs for me and they just SCREAMED angry birds. Since the way these glass eyeballs are attached, they can swivel around, making these characters look really goofy. Whenever the eyes are really screwed up, we say, “Man this guy is REALLY angry! His eyes are all messed up!”

Saw an adorable mouse in a tin box a while back on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a try. I bought this neat Peko candy box at T&T (horrible candies) and immediately crocheted a few mice to fit inside. I think I will try Altoids mint box next.

This is a story of “Willow”, my little gray cat. When I was little, I had a little kitten. He loved to play with the pussy willows from our back yard. He loved to bat the little fuzzy gray catkins with his tiny paws. I loved playing with him so much. But then one day, he ran away. I think he was too young to find his way back home. I made this little guy to remind me of him.

If you would like to adopt him, he is for sale in my Etsy Store.

Finally! After an entire year of dreaming, preparing, and crocheting, the Art on the Farm event has finally arrived. I will be set up bright and early for eager shoppers — event goes from 10am until 4pm (one day only: Sat, Aug 18th, 2012). There is tons of parking here, and bring your empty containers for FREE blackberry picking.

AND… I will give a FREE crochet pattern or Alien amigurumi doll if you come up to me in my booth and correctly answer a crochet related skill testing question (don’t worry, it won’t be too hard) — Limited to the first 2 customers to approach me about this.

Hope to see you soon!

It is almost time to blast off to Chilliwack for Art on the Farm 2012. Everyone is ready for take-off. 7 more sleeps!

Receiving my shipment of new eyes has boosted my amigurumi making energy. I have been cranking them out lately. This little guy is a vibrant minty green with piercing blue eyes and lilac nose and mouth. He is quite adorable and I am tempted to keep him for myself… But sigh… He will be for sale at Art on the Farm this year.  has been SOLD — Thank you!

You know I wouldn’t be able to resist making a doll as soon as I could with the new painted eyes I got… So here he is. Blue Squishy guy! His eyes are a lovely mustard yellow. Strikingly bold against the dark teal Patons Classic Wool I had stashed.

SOLD — thank you!

Teeny tiny aliens invaded my home and I befriended them.


Who knew fungus could be so cuddly-cute?!!

I find the underside of the mushroom especially lovely. Almost exactly like the gills of a real mushroom!


I am hooked on making owls. The colourful buttons I found work great as owl eyes too.


This little chunky fellow is named Kostanza. He’s short… Er, I should say, stalky.

He is one of my latest creations using button eyes. I will be designing a new series of amigurumis using buttons for eyes.


Latest creation: pink aliens!

I am addicted to making these little alien guys! I am going to design some fun aliens for Art on the Farm this year.

Little fuzzy blue alien (crochet): Misti Alpaca Tonos Yarn
Dark burgundy alien (knit): Madeline Tosh Chunky, colourway: Alizarin
Blue cyclops alien (crochet): Vanna’s Choice
Dark green alien (knit): Madeline Tosh Vintage, colourway: Terrarium


I found this pattern on Ravelry and had to give it a try. I used the Magic Loop method of knitting (YouTubed it) and I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Yarn: Madeline Tosh Vintage. Colourway: Terrarium.

Inspired by a cute koala I saw on TV, I had to make one — amigurumi style.


The nose is made from shiny, satin ribbon. It has a slight sheen to it, like a healthy, cold wet koala nose ;p

Hello Squishy Cat! I love your nose and your smile. Your eyes are so sweet. I hold your arms and swing you ’round. Thank you for dancing with me, little Squishy Cat <3

Crocheted PDF pattern now available in my Etsy Store.

Hi there! It’s been a while… I am working on some new little guys. I shall unveil a new line soon. Available in amigurumis as well as patterns in my Etsy Store. Here is little bear for now. Made from super squishy soft Gedifra cotton (yarn made in Italy).



I’m loving this little blue monkey :-) His name is Pedro. He’s a funny little creature who loves to make goofy faces. He’s super tickly on the belly and falls asleep when you sing to him.

Hello, my name is Boo. I am a blue monkey, freshly made!

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Frank, the weiner dog. He’s short, but long. He’s loud, but doesn’t talk often. He’s sweet, but has an angry side if you step on him.

Now for sale in my Etsy Store!  SOLD — Thank you!


Will be available in my Etsy Store soon! Thanks for looking :-)

Thought it would be fun to have some removable hats for this little alabaster coloured panda bear to wear. The hats are made using chunky wool. They are deluxo thick and heavy. So heavy, the panda’s head falls over. With age, this little bear will really wear in, getting softer and more pliable, so wearing either of these heavy hats will make his/her head flop over. Just makes him/her all the more life like. I haven’t figured out if this little bear is a boy or a girl bear yet…

I also wanted to show off the cute little details of his/her paddy paws. It’s the first time I’ve put little pads on the paws. I think they turned out super cute. It’s those little details that make this little bear special <3

It is finished, but I haven’t named him/her yet. I started making another amigurumi, but it’s just posing as a hat for this little panda. Unsure if this will be the final set or not. Just wanted to show you all :-)

I especially like how the little pads on the paws turned out.

Small tip: I used 4mm hook to crochet this doll, except the body I switched to a 3.25mm hook. I wanted to see how that would affect the doll. I liked the tighter stitches and smaller body. Try it yourself if you want more contrast between head and body.

Arms are sewn on my alabaster coloured panda. I’m thrilled with how it is turning out!

I am using two different kinds of yarn here. I have found excellent “worn in” qualities with wool yarn. The darker yarn is Patons Classic Wool, and the head and body is Patons Decor (a blend of wool and acrylic). With time (and cuddles), this amigurumi will wear in really nice. It will get really soft and pliable — like any loved amigurumi should. I am going to try to make as many new softies using wool and/or wool blend yarns whenever possible! (Listings in my Etsy Store will state this in the description.)

Looking for a new home before Christmas ;p

Mugsy is now available in my Etsy Store. SOLD — Thank you!

PDF crochet pattern now available in my Etsy Store! These little buggers make awesome Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!!

Testing my pattern using blue yarn. He’s a fun looking little dude!

Meet Eugène the Pug. He is wearing his favourite tweed sweater. Perfect for fall weather. He loves being outside, admiring the trees and listening to the birds sing.

Pattern available in my Etsy Store. Thanks for looking!

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Carl Mini is freshly made and SOLD — thank you! looking for a new home.

He’s so great. All roly-poly, Rufus the Pug. He’s snuggly and loves to cuddle. As you can tell, he likes to snack too ;p
For sale in my Etsy Store.

He won’t go anywhere without his little blue Teddy Bear <3
Check out little blue Teddy Bear’s tiny tail and ears. Made with french knots.

Frank is wearing his favourite sweater. Yes, it is mustard and ketchup coloured, but whatever. Pattern soon to be in my Etsy Store.

Ribbit! A tribute to my ripping out (froggin it) three crocheted toques I made using this apple green yarn — so sad… Anyways, I like how this little fellow turned out. The pattern is available at my Etsy Store. Thanks for looking :)


After a lot of prodding, I’m finally on etsy!
Check out my stuff (just in time for Christmas):

I just wish I had 2 more pairs of crocheting hands…

A smaller breed of monkey and froggie were found chumming around together. They love to eat popcorn and watch good ol’ Clint Eastwood westerns.

monkeyzoomfroggie froggiemonkey_1


These are sock monkey inspired. The first one I made is named Carl. So here are a few more. The littlest one is made of sport weight yarn (super squishy soft) <3


Meet Carl, the sock monkey. Loose lips sink ships, says Carl. That’s why he cannot be trusted with secret information — like where I keep the bananas.

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