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10 thoughts on “Contact ME

  1. ive seen alot of amigurumi, but yours is by far the cutest and most creative!! i can tell you put so much work and time into your handmade creations and it shows!! keep up the amazing work, i love seeing your new additions!!

    happy crafting!! =)

  2. OMGGGG THIS ARE THE CUTEST THIGNS EVER! me and my friends are in school and i just pondered across these little dolls and we alllll want them! please tell me where i could purchase these, thank you!

  3. Hey love your work!! Would you please tell me what’s the size of Alice cat, the blue one!!! I’m so interested and one to buy your stuff 😀

  4. Hello – I really adore your Lola the pug doll. Would you be willing to make one for me through Etsy?? Please let me know. I have a female pug, McKenzie, and would love this! Thank you!

  5. Your design is really great.I run business introducing bike stuff(girly) in Japan. Can I work with
    you? Let me know if you are interested in Doing something in Japan.


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