My Version of Raggedy Ann

My Version of Raggedy Ann

It is neat to see a resurgence of Raggedy Ann dolls around the handmade/internet world (this one inspired me). It reminded me of the one I grew up with. I still have the plastic window box with almost pristine (unplayed with) doll inside. I shall have to do a post for that doll later. But that aside, it made me want to make my version of Raggedy Ann out of old clothes — recycle, reuse 😉

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Slight diversion

I started to make fabric dolls. Just taking a slight break from my usual crochet madness. My friend gave me a whole bunch of fabric and I have endless ideas. I recall having a blue fabric weiner dog in our home when I was little. I have no idea where that weiner dog is anymore, so I thought I’d try to make another one. This one is completely hand sewn. I figure I’d have more control if I hand sewed it. I also like the home-made quality of hand sewn. I will make more as gifts for friends.