Summer Fun


It’s been a great summer with lots of crochet fun. Here are some pics of my creations this past summer. (Clockwise from top left) Some new boy bunnies at my first stockist, Willow & Wallflower. A custom made ostrich for the film industry. A collector Alice in Wonderland cat which I cannot bear to part with, and some pugs that I’ll be specializing in soon.

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Thanks for looking :0)


Amigurumi Madness


It’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy — obviously. I am gearing up again for craft show season, as well as being sold in a local store (my first stockist — woohoo!). My amigurumis have been such a hit, I’ve taken a break from my bike bags. I am always torn between those two passions. Creating an amigurumi takes SOOOOO long, but it puts so many smiles on peoples’ faces that I can’t help but love it!

My passion for biking has increased now that I’m biking more and loving the warm weather (sorry Ontario folks). I’m always dreaming of new bike bags for my bike! I will return to that love as soon as I work out some hand printed fabrics. It may be a little while before I return to that.

This year I will be at, and hoping to get into 2 more local craft shows. If you’d like to buy one of my OOAK creations, please see me there, as it will save you tons on shipping. If you don’t live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, you can order my stuff through Etsy. And you can always just follow me on Instagram @gigglestuff21, or my Facebook Page: Gigglestuff.

Prince Charming Custom Made Bike Bag


Custom made bike bag DONE!! It’s SO gorgeous. This is an open top style bike bag, similar proportions to my kid bike bags. It allows the interior fabric to show with the exterior fabric. I wouldn’t recommend putting anything heavy in the bag, but it certainly is stylin’!!

Waiting for approval before I ship her out. Thanks again for buying handmade!

Not Just For Kids


The kid bike bags aren’t JUST for kids, ya know… I’ve sold the kid size bike bags to adults too. They are nice and small to fit your cell phone. It’s open top design, so you can see the beautiful interior colour or grab your phone easily if it rings. It will even fit a tiny water bottle as long as it isn’t too heavy. It’s perfect for the city ride, be it seawall, or quick jaunt to the coffee shop. It’s also easily removable with velcro straps, so you can tuck it under your arm while sitting in the coffee shop.

Here’s a kid sized bike bag on my Electra Cruiser.

Contact me if you’d like one for yourself or another wonderful adult in your life. My Etsy Store is here.

Custom Pixel Boy Bike Bag done!


Another gorgeous green pixel camouflage bike bag done and ready to ship out. I am cramming to make stock for this upcoming Art on the Farm in Chilliwack sale. I think I may run out of this fabric though. I only have a few left. If you’re in the Chilliwack area, come check out the sale. It’s a free community event, will be lots of activities for the entire family. Hope to see you there!

Red Dragon Bike Basket Done

towniedragon_1towniedragon_1b   reddragon_fin

This Asian inspired bike handlebar bag is now ready in my Etsy Store. It is adult size, approx 12″W x 6.5″H x 2″D. Easily fits 500mL water bottle, but is open top style. Don’t put in anything too heavy or it may fall out. The square base was really difficult to sew, but it keeps the base nice and flat — easy to stand up if you’re going to carry it around and put down at the coffee shop.

Now available in my Etsy Store.

Red Dragon Bike Basket for Adult


I love when cool people find me thru my Etsy Store… I was contacted by someone wanting specifically an adult sized bike basket for her cruiser bike… She even had her cool fabric bought (it was a Tula Pink design too, which is difficult to find — snatch it up when you can). So I am going to make a sample bag out of this CRAZY-COOL dragon and dog fabric! I can’t stand to wait. It’s being washed and machine dried right now as I type (part of my meticulously clean fabric prep routine). Anyways, I will show you progress shots as I continue along 🙂