Colton the Hipster Amigurumi Bear

Colton the Hipster Amigurumi Bear

Colton is a light grey hipster bear. He loves city life, food carts, and is addicted to caramel flan lattes. You will most likely see him checking his Facebook at one of your local free Wifi cafes, or taking a selfie and uploading it to Instagram.



Geek Bunny Amigurumi

Geek Bunny Amigurumi

This is Judd. He’s a designer/web programmer bunny. He loves fashion, and loves to stand out with little touches of colour.

Thanks for looking!

Kostanza Kat Chunky Amigurumi


This little chunky fellow is named Kostanza. He’s short… Er, I should say, stalky.

He is one of my latest creations using button eyes. I will be designing a new series of amigurumis using buttons for eyes.

Peachy Keen

I wanted to design a smaller, faster doll, so I could write up a pattern and sell it on etsy. Well, it has taken me this long to make the doll. It might be a while before I get it on etsy… sigh… where does the time go? Anyways, I’m in the process of writing it up, then I’ll need to photograph step-by-step directions. I’m so glad I’m a designer by profession bcs it’ll be fun to put together instructions :0) Stay tuned for more…

Pattern for this Love Bunny is now available at my etsy shop! Click here!!


Peachy-Keen Bunny is my take on Care Bears. Dang, I really wished I had one of those when I was growing up in the eighties… Now I just have to make my own ❤

Million Dollar Baby!

Maggie Fitzcat can put up her dukes and isn’t afraid of defeat. She’s only 5.5 inches from head to toe, but she’ll show you what she’s made of: determination, focus, discipline and all heart.

She will be for sale at Ironhead on W 4th Ave, in Vancouver. SOLD

Button Eyed Cat

Progress shots of my new button-eyed, bobble-head cat. She is made of 100% wool. the pink dress is alpaca wool (oh so soft and cuddley). I also wanted to experiment with really long eyelashes and some blush. I like the way she is turning out.

buttoneye_catzoom buttoneye_cat_vert buttoneye_cat_horiz buttoncateyes