Don’t Hate Mondays

This is a new thing I’m going to do in my Etsy Store… The first Monday of each month, I will post a “Don’t Hate Mondays” bike bag. It will be a slightly imperfect bag, sold at a discounted price. Because let’s face it…. I can’t be perfect every single time I sew a bag. I’m only human!

Anyways, whenever I have a slightly “off” moment, and my sewing just isn’t perfect, I put the bag aside and start a new one. I don’t ship a bike bag unless it’s absolutely perfect and up-to-snuff. So my collection of slightly “off” bags sit in a corner, frowning at me. Then I thought, “what if I gave these slightly imperfect bags a new home? Some little child isn’t going to scrutinize this little bag… And this little bag could have a new home, make itself useful and be admired!”

So keep your eyes and Twitter ears open for the first Monday of every month, when I post a new “Don’t Hate Mondays” bike bag in my Etsy Store.


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