Dots & Dots, Lots & Lots

raspberry2   I fell in love with this orange canvas and, like always, had to rush home and make some bike bags. My daughter has claimed the one with the “raspberry” interior. I made the green interior one thinking it will work for a boy — I think it does work for either boy or girl.

Anyways, the holiday season is quickly approaching. These orange bags are now ready in my Etsy Store, so please check them out. There isn’t much time left for making the “cheap” shipping fees (deadline for custom made purchases is Dec 2nd, 2013). Then I barely have enough time to custom make it and get it in the mail for Dec 10 (USA and Canada destinations). There are “ready to ship” bags in my Etsy Store. Again, shipping deadline to USA or Canada is Dec 10th, 2013.

For International customers, please have custom ordered purchases paid by Nov 25th, 2013. Deadline for shipping is Dec 2nd (air parcel — please contact me for a shipping quote and timeline). Yikes — I’m freaking out — are you?!!





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