Bike Bag Stash

Bag Stash

I think there is some factory blood in me… It’s a certain kind of addiction that my MIL understands. She churns and churns out quilts the same way I churn out these bike bags. I find a new fabric, or a new lining fabric and I just HAVE to try it out. Just to see what it will look like. Luckily for me (and my family) I am NOT a factory worker, and I pace myself just enough to not go overboard and burn out — I like my health and family too much to overwork myself.

Also, my toys and bags are made to last, so you can feel good that you are not adding to landfill with something mass produced that will fall apart.

Interested in owning a bike bag of your own? Check out my Etsy Store here.


One thought on “Bike Bag Stash

  1. Gorgeous fabrics! You should try your hand at a pouf for Jade. If you can quilt and produce all those bike bags you can definitely make a pouf!

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