Green Camouflage Messenger Bag

Green Camouflage Messenger Bag

I am totally in love with this funky, modern, hipster, messenger bag for kids! It has a custom made bright orange strap (34-inch length). This would fit kids aged 3-6yrs.

Check out my Etsy Store for details:

Here’s a shot of the inside of the messenger bag. It’s really great too, because my daughter has tons of little backpacks and purses, but the zippers are so finicky! She can’t quite work them yet. And this messenger bag is really easy to use. Just flip open the flap, and VOILA —  instant access to secret stuffies, or dinosaurs, or Minnie’s Bowtique figurines!


Here are the latest fabrics I’ve purchased — so excited to sew!!


And some other fabrics that little girls may like (SOLD OUT! — Stay tuned for new ‘girly’ prints):



2 thoughts on “Green Camouflage Messenger Bag

  1. My twin boys love these adventure satchels. They are now planning what to put in them for their first adventure. That is if they can get them back from their younger sister!

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