For Your Eyes Only


I didn’t realize how important amigurumi eyes were… until I’ve recently been running out. I have been cranking through all sorts of plastic eyes. From bunny eyes, to alien eyes, to cat eyes, to tiny bird eyes, to lovely owl eyes. I didn’t think I’d ever use up endless stash of plastic eyes. But alas, I have.

Thankfully for the internet, I found a craft store in Iowa who had a good selection of craft eyes for way cheaper than I could get here. They kindly took my order over the phone and next month, I will have a new endless stash of eyes for amigurumi’ing.

In the mean time, I need to design some new dolls with button eyes. I LOVE buttons, and will finally get a chance to use up some of my buttons that I have been saving for so many years 🙂 Stay tuned!!


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