Grey Lop Bunny Amigurumi — Done

The grey lop eared bunny is done. She was super fast to make. I’m amazed at how fast I can chew through the pattern. You can buy the pattern here, in my Etsy Store. For the long ears, I just added more rounds and attached to the side of the head instead of above. I also stuffed a white circle round and triangle detail for the muzzle face. She will be greatly loved this Easter ❤

Crochet tip: This particular amigurumi is made using 100% acrylic yarn. The ears are a bit stiff. I’ve noticed wool/acrylic blend yarn (like Patons Decor, which is 75% acrylic + 25% wool) hangs nicer and gets softer with age. It all depends if you want a firm amigurumi, or a floppy one. Experiment and see what you like better.


3 thoughts on “Grey Lop Bunny Amigurumi — Done

  1. Glad to see you’re on roll! I haven’t attempted an doll or animal yet. It’s on my to do list:-) I have a question for you…where do you buy the eyes? I looked at Michael and couldn’t find sew on ones. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong section???

    1. Thanks for the comment, Shani! I use the snap on backing kind of plastic eyes. I couldn’t find my kind of eyes at Michaels but I think they DO have sew on googly type eyes there. I bought my snap on eyes from Grand Prix Hobbies on W. Broadway (west of MacDonald St). Have fun eye shopping!

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