Alabaster Panda — Wearing Hats and Details

Will be available in my Etsy Store soon! Thanks for looking 🙂

Thought it would be fun to have some removable hats for this little alabaster coloured panda bear to wear. The hats are made using chunky wool. They are deluxo thick and heavy. So heavy, the panda’s head falls over. With age, this little bear will really wear in, getting softer and more pliable, so wearing either of these heavy hats will make his/her head flop over. Just makes him/her all the more life like. I haven’t figured out if this little bear is a boy or a girl bear yet…

I also wanted to show off the cute little details of his/her paddy paws. It’s the first time I’ve put little pads on the paws. I think they turned out super cute. It’s those little details that make this little bear special ❤


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