Alabaster Panda — Amigurumi Making Tips

I am going to start a new series of posts called: Amigurumi Making Tips. I have made over a hundred amigurumis and learned a lot along the way. Hopefully these tips will help all you newbie amigurumi-ers out there đŸ™‚

The first tip I have is about attaching the eye shadow circles to the head. With practice, you will get really good at sewing with invisible thread. You will be able to attach the circles so delicately (and securely) that you will not see any tight pulling on the outer ring of the circles. The circles should look like they are free floating on the head, almost as if they are glued on.

I have tried sewing using the tail end of the embroidery floss to attach the eye shadows to the head, but I have better results from using invisible thread alone. The technique I use is personal. Not just a whip stitch around the outer part of the circles, but some middle parts of the circles are sewn to the head by pulling the needle through to the inside of the head (this is why the head hole is big enough for you to get your hands inside). Try not to pull the invisible thread too tight when you are whip stitching around the outer circumference of the eye circle. But you can pull tight when you are sewing random middle parts through to the inside part of the head.–this is what securely attaches the circles to the head.

Hope this helps. I will be posting amigurumi tips once in a while, so check back often đŸ™‚


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