Finished Hand Quilt

Ok, so I know you’re sick of seeing my quilting, but after six months of working on this, I can finally post the final shots once and for all. I shall return to amigurumi-ing after this post, I swear ;p

Quilt size (aprox): 50″ x 50″
Fabrics used: Amy Butler Park Fountains (Fuchsia), Amy Butler Martini (Linen), Sandi Henderson Henna Garden (Raspberry), Sandi Henderson/Michael Miller Apple Dot (Green), Sandi Henderson/Michael Miller Paper Snowflake (Celery). Backside is flannel, unsure what brand it is.


6 thoughts on “Finished Hand Quilt

  1. Hand quilting? Are you serious? Ange told me about your numb fingers:-) I love the fabrics. Very pretty! I think I’ll sew with the machine for my first quilt. I haven’t quilted since I was 12. Wish me luck!!!

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