Little Lola Pug Amigurumi — Done!

She’s a cutie. Little Lola Pug. Ready to be adopted if my friend will accept the adoption papers ;p

She likes key lime pie and frosty minty milkshakes. Lola’s a playful pug, with bendy limbs that can sit or stand. She is a bitey puppy!


4 thoughts on “Little Lola Pug Amigurumi — Done!

  1. great ratio of limbs to body, like the way puppies can be so gangly and playful. you got the ears down pat too. your unique signature is really being established now!

    1. Hi Heather. I am working on a pattern for the pug amigurumi. I will sell on etsy once I get it all done. Thanks for asking and check back. I’ll post info when it’s ready!! 🙂

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