Peachy Keen

I wanted to design a smaller, faster doll, so I could write up a pattern and sell it on etsy. Well, it has taken me this long to make the doll. It might be a while before I get it on etsy… sigh… where does the time go? Anyways, I’m in the process of writing it up, then I’ll need to photograph step-by-step directions. I’m so glad I’m a designer by profession bcs it’ll be fun to put together instructions :0) Stay tuned for more…

Pattern for this Love Bunny is now available at my etsy shop! Click here!!


Peachy-Keen Bunny is my take on Care Bears. Dang, I really wished I had one of those when I was growing up in the eighties… Now I just have to make my own ❤


3 thoughts on “Peachy Keen

  1. Hi!

    I regularly visit your shop on etsy looking forward to the bunny-pattern. Do you have any thought on when to start selling it?

    They’re absolutely adorable and so is your other work too!

    Best regards, Jenny

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