Froggie Princess Amigurumi


She’s divinely lovely. Princess Frankie Froggie. Her real name is Francine, but everyone calls her Frank for fun. She likes the nickname. She’s a bit of a tom-boy, but does love girlie things like flowers and ruffly dresses… As long as the dresses are not pink. She loves life and is always chasing butterflies or smelling roses. She wears a lilypad flower on her head to remind her of her heritage. Princess Frankie Froggie is made for my niece’s Birthday ❤


6 thoughts on “Froggie Princess Amigurumi

  1. Girlie, I have to express that Frankie is just fabulous. She has all the perfect colorings. You animated her so creatively. I seldom write out compliments but you definetly diserve it.. Tension is really well done. I was lookig for a frog pattern I once had and lost. As I was surfing I stumbled over Frankie. I crochet for the less fortune children and the hospitals. I corchetup astorm to help the kids out. If anything could you send me the pattern… Or is that to much from me too ask you. Im in Canada. All my supplies for the children are outve my own pocket. Two weeks ago I made some Sponge bobs to give too two little girls coming off the bus from school. They seldom get anything .. So I wanted to make there day. And I was happy that I did. Keep up with the lovely work and never put yor hook down.. Hope to hear from you soon… Blessings to you and Good luck..
    Sexy_Minnie Mouse

    1. Hey Sexy Minnie Mouse! Thanks soooo much for your compliments. I’ll see what I can do for sending you crochet patterns for you to make for your donations. So kind of you to do that. Great idea!!

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