Alice in Wonderland (inspired amigurumi) Cat

Now where did that little white rabbit run off to?


I hope that tea party is serving nice biscuits…


8 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland (inspired amigurumi) Cat

  1. This is my favorite. She’s so adorable. I love Alice in Wonderland and and your kitty really reflects the atmosphere of the book. And I also love the way you embroider the eye lashes. I should try that too.

  2. I absolutely love this! Soo cute! I want to make one for myself, along with the cheshire cat..
    Alice in Wonderland has been my all time favorite book and movie since I was young.. Do you have a pattern for this, or advice on where to find one maybe? I would extremely appreciate it!!
    Thanks a bunch for your time. (:
    Lovely doll!

  3. I love her! im having an alice in wonderland wedding and this would be a perfect party favor for the children and the wedding!! super cute

      1. That’s amazingly cute! I’m just starting to learn amigurumi but would love to have the pattern if you have one.

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