This is a new thing I’m going to do in my Etsy Store… The first Monday of each month, I will post a “Don’t Hate Mondays” bike bag. It will be a slightly imperfect bag, sold at a discounted price. Because let’s face it…. I can’t be perfect every single time I sew a bag. I’m only human!

Anyways, whenever I have a slightly “off” moment, and my sewing just isn’t perfect, I put the bag aside and start a new one. I don’t ship a bike bag unless it’s absolutely perfect and up-to-snuff. So my collection of slightly “off” bags sit in a corner, frowning at me. Then I thought, “what if I gave these slightly imperfect bags a new home? Some little child isn’t going to scrutinize this little bag… And this little bag could have a new home, make itself useful and be admired!”

So keep your eyes and Twitter ears open for the first Monday of every month, when I post a new “Don’t Hate Mondays” bike bag in my Etsy Store.


Who would have thought camouflage and dots would go so well together?

Here is the latest boy bike basket I’ve listed in my Etsy Store. It’s one of my favourite colour combinations. The modern dot interior is so visually interesting on its own, but paired with this super cool green camouflage, it just rocks!

And just so you know, I am running out of this particular green camouflage. And once it’s gone, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get more. My fabric supplier is currently out of stock.

Custom Rainbow Kid Bike Bag with Zipper

My newest masterpiece. I’ve been getting quite a few questions asking for “rainbow” fabric, or “bright”, and there just isn’t much out there for fabric selection (stuff I like anyways) — so I’m picky, alright?

Anyways, I thought I’d just make my own exterior fabric using the stuff I like and piecing together bright stuff. I am in love with this newest creation.

This lovely little number has a teal zipper, lilac waves interior and little ribbon tabs on each side for easier zipper pulling by little fingers or for putting that little hand picked flower you might find along the way.

Hope you love this bag as much as I do!


PS: I’m up for a challenge. If you’d like to send me a custom request for a bike bag, please send me a message. We can chat.

Gorgeous Adult Bike Bag in My Etsy Store

I have finally perfected the adult zipper bike bag! It’s ready by custom order from my Etsy Store. I hope you love it as much as I do. The bright orange zipper and lining really stand out from the dark navy blue exterior. Order one now as it will take me a few days to make it :-)

Bug Bike Bag -- Say That Five Times FAST!

New fabric for Spring 2014 — bugs and stuff. This is a dark navy blue fabric with white illustrations of bugs, beetles, butterflies, bees, and foliage. There’s even a weird pupa or something on the backside of this bike basket. Anyways, this bike bag is now available in my Etsy Store by custom order. Thanks for looking!!

Blue Harajuku Bike Bag

Another bike bag ready to ship from my Etsy Store.

Adult Bike Handlebar Basket

Finally! I have an adult size (approximately W8.75″ x H6.25″ x D3.5″) bike basket available in my Etsy Store SOLD. Same as my kid bike bags, just a bit larger. It’s one-of-a-kind because it’s the last of this mint green fabric for interior — get it now before it’s gone!! SOLD!

Camouflage and Flowers

These are two custom made bike bags, just finished for Massachusetts. I’m happy the way they turned out. The “lilac waves” purple interior is exceptionally purply today!! Thanks again for buying handmade.

West Coast Hipster Cat

Her name is ‘Paprika’ and she loves wearing her bright yellow rain boots. It rains so much on the west coast that she’s always wearing them. Her bright purple cat’s eye glasses are always in fashion too.

‘Paprika’ has been made for some new story telling ideas I’m working on.

Valentine's Day Special Ice Cream Girl's Bike Basket

Just listed this one of a kind girl’s bike basket in my Etsy Store. It is 100% cotton, reinforced with interfacing, heavy interfacing and lined with gorgeous quilter’s weight 100% cotton. It has pink thread (also 100% cotton) stitching and looks as yummy in person as it does in these photos.

Valentine's Special Kid Bike Bag

One special little girl is going to get this lovely little bike bag for Valentine’s Day…
If you want it, go to my Etsy Store (click link here). I just listed one that is READY to ship!!

Act now before it’s gone.


Mother-Daughter Bike Bags

Today marks the first adult bike bag I’m offering in my Etsy Store!! Woohoo! It’s combined with a kid bike bag, using Sweetheart candy fabric — a Valentine’s Special.

If you would like to buy this set, go to my Etsy Store, link is here.

Flower Power Bike Basket

This beauty will be going to Toronto soon. It’s so bright and lively! So wonderful to see a pop of colour early in the year :-)

Colton the Hipster Amigurumi Bear

Colton is a light grey hipster bear. He loves city life, food carts, and is addicted to caramel flan lattes. You will most likely see him checking his Facebook at one of your local free Wifi cafes, or taking a selfie and uploading it to Instagram.


Geek Bunny Amigurumi

This is Judd. He’s a designer/web programmer bunny. He loves fashion, and loves to stand out with little touches of colour.

Thanks for looking!

Hipster Cat Amigurumi

I’ve picked up my crochet hook again. Inspired by my hipster designer friends who are always wearing funky loud glasses and sporting the manly sole patch. I’m hoping to get into a couple of local big craft shows, so he will be for sale then.

hipstercat3 hipstercat2

Goodbye 2013 Hello New Year!

Thank you for all your support in 2013, but it’s time for a new year.

I am working on some new adult bike baskets in a variety of price ranges. I hope to have those ready in the new year, as well as more kid bike bags. I am also working on getting into more local kid shops, as well as local craft fairs throughout the year. Thanks for all your enthusiasm for my products and hope to see you more in 2014!

Bye bye old year, hello new year!

“Ok ok, don’t panic, you will all have your chance to be gouged,” as I remember that line from The Simpsons well enough. You still have time to buy one of these uber cool bike bags for that special little kid in your life. There are a few bags available in the “Ready to Ship” section of my Etsy Store. The only catch is the shipping component…

Are you hoping to receive this parcel by Christmas? In order to make the Dec 23rd deadline for shipping to USA or Canada, it will need to go via Xpresspost. Contact me for a custom listing because Xpresspost shipping is $33 — that’s if you want to make the Christmas deadline.  Once that is paid, I will stand in the never-ending lineup at Canada Post and mail your parcel with a grumpy cat smile on my face.



Limited edition “bird” bike bags available in my Etsy Store. Visit the “ready to ship” section of the store to see entire selection. Hurry before they are all gone!!

Cheap shipping deadline has almost passed — buy now or pay Xpresspost/FedEx, which is $30-$60 in order to make Dec 23rd delivery (USA or Canada destination).


‘Nuf said :)

Want one? Or two or three or four? Visit my Etsy Store here.

Beauty Shots of Kid Bike Bags

Here are some beauty shots of the most recent bags I’ll be sending out. It’s the most bags I’ve made in a day: 6. It takes me a while because I nit-pick. If I don’t like how the stitching looks, I’ll rip it all out and re-sew it. BTW I use 100% cotton thread. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s excellent quality. No cheap materials here, no sir-ree! I also triple stitch the straps, the joins, and the velcro. Just to be sure this bag will last. And I like to photograph right away when it’s nice out. All this stuff takes time… But I love it! Thanks for your support and thanks for buying handmade.

If you would like to buy or custom order a kid bike bag, visit my Etsy Store here.

If you want to know more about my story, click here.

More pictures here:

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Well today is the last day if you want a custom made bike bag for your child. It will take me a few days to make it, and the CHEAP shipping deadline (for USA and Canada destination) is Dec 9th, 2013!!

But do not fret, I have a few “ready to ship” bags that you can purchase from my Etsy Store. Deadline for those is Dec 9th.

Anytime after Dec 9th, it will have to go via Xpress Post ($30) or Purolator ($60) if you want to make Dec 23rd delivery to USA or Canada — that’s shipping only.



It’s no surprise I fell in love with this fabric when I saw it. It’s pink with graphic Japanese dolls which remind me of Harajuku style —  so kawaii and funky cool! The coordinating fabric inside is tiny graphic dots with rounded squares (orange and red). Matches perfectly. I am taking custom orders for this girl bike bag. I only have enough to make 3 two more kid bike bags out of this fabric, so order quickly or it will be gone. There is still time to make cheap shipping if you want before Christmas!!

Here is the link to my Etsy Store if you would like to purchase one.

tokyo_1     tokyo_3     tokyo_4

One Week Left for Custom Order & Cheap Shipping

One more week (last day is Mon Dec 2nd, 2013) to pay for your custom ordered kid bike bag, so that you can make the cheap shipping deadline (to USA or Canada destination).

You can still buy from my ‘ready to ship’ section of my Etsy Store until Dec 10th, and still make the cheap shipping.

After that, it will cost much more ($30- 60) for Xpresspost or Priority Post.

I leave you with a few other fabric choices (girls and boys). I can turn any of these fabrics into EXTERIOR fabric for kid bike bags (not waterproof… we bike when it’s not raining… we’re not that hardcore!) The “Hot Wheels” boy fabric is VERY limited… I only have enough to make 2 boy bike bags.


Girl Messenger Bag

Just finished this beauty of a messenger bag. Intended for a 2 year old, but I could easily elongate the strap for an older girl if you love it. A few months back, I have custom made a green camouflage one (with pink lining) to custom fit a 9 year old girl.

If you would like to order one of these girl messenger bags, go to my Etsy Store.

Deadline for custom order (if you want cheap shipping to USA or Canada): Dec 2nd, 2013!!

That’s right! Less than 2 weeks to pay for your custom made bike bag, if you’d like the cheapola shipping to USA or Canada. Otherwise shipping could cost from $30-$60 if you’d like your parcel to make it to that special someone by Christmas!

Mail drop deadline is Dec 10th, so feel free to buy from the “Ready to Ship” section of my Etsy Store. I am currently burning up my sewing machine foot trying to stock up, so people can just buy buy buy off my “shelf”.

Buy now before I get too backed up with orders to make the Dec 10th mail drop — I’m the only cutter/sewer/creator in this non-sweat shop!

gcamo_b  Here’s a photo of the new green camouflage fabric. Just sold 2 custom made bags yesterday!! Buy yours now from my Etsy Store.

'Color Your Own' Bike Bag

Do you have a crafty kid? Do you have a future designer on your hands? Well, he/she could have a blast colouring this nifty new bike bag! You can use washable markers, or fabric paints. I tested out washable markers and found that it stayed on, even after washing (that might just be me and my bad washing skills). Your kid can colour the whole thing, part of it, or leave it as is.

This new ‘colour your own’ bike bag is now available in my Etsy Store for a special price.

Star Wars Lining for Boy Bike Basket

Who would have thought that Star Wars would still be popular after how many years? I think the first Star Wars came out in 1977 (wow, I feel old now). Although I did NOT go see it, I remember it being popular. And even in this millennium, having the prequels released in 2005, and more being produced by Disney (coming out in 2015), I have a feeling it’s going to catch on again. Not only with the adults whom have lived through the original movies, but also now with the new kids.

Well, lucky you Star Wars fans… I have a limited number of Star Wars lining fabric available for the boy bike baskets… And maybe girl bike baskets?… Check out my Etsy Store to place your order before Christmas deadline!

But no more blue camouflage exterior fabric left (sorry).

14 days, that’s two whole weeks to place your custom made order for a bike bag from my Etsy Store! This is the deadline if you’d like to make Christmas delivery to USA or Canada with my cheapo shipping (only $3 now) but if you wait too long, it could be up to $20 for tracked and rushed parcel… Up to $60 if you wait for FedEx or Purolator!


I cannot believe how fast the holiday season is approaching. It’s like I just took down my Halloween decorations… Wait, I just DID take down my Halloween decorations (yes, yes, I’m a slow poke… I just love Halloween.)

Anyways, pay for your custom order now, and I’ll get your bike bag in the queue. Current turnaround time is 3 days (I work weekends during this busy holiday season). I have to make the mail drop by Dec 10th, so… Start freaking!

raspberry2   I fell in love with this orange canvas and, like always, had to rush home and make some bike bags. My daughter has claimed the one with the “raspberry” interior. I made the green interior one thinking it will work for a boy — I think it does work for either boy or girl.

Anyways, the holiday season is quickly approaching. These orange bags are now ready in my Etsy Store, so please check them out. There isn’t much time left for making the “cheap” shipping fees (deadline for custom made purchases is Dec 2nd, 2013). Then I barely have enough time to custom make it and get it in the mail for Dec 10 (USA and Canada destinations). There are “ready to ship” bags in my Etsy Store. Again, shipping deadline to USA or Canada is Dec 10th, 2013.

For International customers, please have custom ordered purchases paid by Nov 25th, 2013. Deadline for shipping is Dec 2nd (air parcel — please contact me for a shipping quote and timeline). Yikes — I’m freaking out — are you?!!




Brooklyn Here I Come!

This custom made kid bike bag has slightly longer straps to fit a girl’s scooter — hope she loves it!!

This scooter bag is on its way to New York — bon voyage.

If you would like one of these scooter bags, go to my Etsy Store and specify it is for a scooter. I will ensure the straps are slightly longer than the bike bag ones.

Going to Texas

This colourful kid bike bag is flying to Texas today to be with a new family. Thanks for buying handmade!!

More pics here:

clrflwr_4858 clrflwrs_4859

Going to Vancouver!!

Great to see the wet weather hasn’t deterred the local Vancouverites to get out biking!! These two beauty bike bags are going to Vancouver today. Thanks for buying local handmade <3



This girl bike bag has a hot pink/magenta interior — WOW! It’s showing neon in this photo (which it isn’t) but it sure has pizzaz!!

If you would like one of these custom made toddler bike bags, order one now in my Etsy Store — Christmas is just around the corner ;)

Trail Ride With Kid Bike Bag

This is why we love where we live. Each year, the salmon spawn in the river near our home. It’s the earliest I’ve seen the pink salmon coming up stream. There are only a few salmon (my hubby saw a pod of 25 salmon), coming up stream so far.

We love to get out and enjoy the outdoors — especially when the weather is still nice. Here are some shots of the kid bike bag in action. Full on equipped with spinning pinwheel (it’s a mini pinwheel btw), and stuffed toy in the bucket. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bag Stash

I think there is some factory blood in me… It’s a certain kind of addiction that my MIL understands. She churns and churns out quilts the same way I churn out these bike bags. I find a new fabric, or a new lining fabric and I just HAVE to try it out. Just to see what it will look like. Luckily for me (and my family) I am NOT a factory worker, and I pace myself just enough to not go overboard and burn out — I like my health and family too much to overwork myself.

Also, my toys and bags are made to last, so you can feel good that you are not adding to landfill with something mass produced that will fall apart.

Interested in owning a bike bag of your own? Check out my Etsy Store here.

Orange and Green -- One of My Fave Combos

Orange and green has always been one of my favourite colour combos ever since I was in grade 8. But now with this orange plaid, I love this combo even more!!

This über hipster toddler boy bike bag is a special order. I sure hope it goes over well!!

It Ain't Easy Being Green

I have a very special request for a lime green polka dot kid bike bag. It wasn’t easy, but it’s done. And it looks pretty fab, I think. This beauty will be going to Denver, Colorado when it’s ready ;)

Modern Rainbow Kid Bike Bag

The new “Modern Rainbow” bike bag with bright green interior is now ready in my Etsy Store.

Rainbow Raindrops Bike Bag for Kids

This colourful kid bike bag is now ready for purchase in my Etsy Store.

Bikes and Raindrops -- Kid Bike Bag

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watchin’ the puddles gather rain
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two
And speak my point of view but it’s not sane, it’s not sane…

My Etsy Store.

Lil Surfer Boy Hawaiian Bike Bag for Toddler Bike

One day, while in my local fabric store, I fell in love with this Hawaiian print… It brought me back to when I had vacationed in Maui and Honolulu. I remembered feeling that warm breeze, hearing the swaying palm leaves, and admiring all those Hawaiian prints. And every time I look at this little bike bag, it brings me back to that perfect moment.

You can buy this kids’ bike bag in my Etsy Store.

Flower Power

Little did I know how wonderful this little ribbon tag was…. It can hold little things, like this lovely little gerbera flower. Perfect for little collectors that like to save things while on daisy picking excursions.

The Many Uses of Bike Bags

The kid bike bags I make can be used anywhere. On the handlebars of your jogging stroller, on the back of a chair, on a crib railing — the possibilities are endless. I’ve even had a customer use them on the back headrest in her car, for her kids’ books and toys.

Can’t decide where to put it? Each nifty little bike bag can be easily removed from one place and quickly put onto something else. It’s just THAT easy!

Would you like one? Buy one now in my Etsy Store.

Rainbows and Raindrops and Bicycles

The new “modern rainbow” fabric I have is GORGEOUS! I love it — especially paired with the raindrops fabric I found. It also makes a lovely set along with the dark navy w white bicycles…

This will be a very limited edition, available through my Etsy Store.

I will post some glamour shots once these are done.

Going to the Windy City

This lovely flower bike bag is going to its new home in Chicago, Illinois. Thanks so much for your custom order!

It also shows the “peachy pink dot” interior fabric that I have available in the ‘custom order’ section of my Etsy Store.

Would you like one too? Check out my Etsy Store here.

Here are more photo here…

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New Modern Rainbow Fabric

I have a NEW “Modern Rainbow” fabric for my bike bags. The colours are not spaced out, and there’s some funky black and whites going on along the sides.

I will be making some kid bike bags just to see what it looks like :-)


How can you tell I love Prince?… and purple… and purple rain… Well, I’m on a purple kick lately and making quite a few bike bags using the dark purple damask fabric I have. It is normally available in my Etsy Store for my custom ordered bike bags, but they are currently deactivated until August 19th. after Art on the Farm. I have a selection of “READY TO SHIP” bike bags available now — don’t want any kids to miss out on this great summer weather.

Thanks for checking out my blog and my Etsy Store!!

Ride on a Purple Rainbow

Custom ordered rainbow bike bag with dark purple damask interior will be making a 7 year old girl VERY happy soon!

PS: I have bike bags ready to ship in my Etsy Store, but if you would like a custom made bag, I am happy to start filling orders after I activate those listings on August 19th. after Art on the Farm. Please check back then — thank you so much for all your support!!

What a Hoot!

Owls are so popular these days. I was pleasantly surprised to get this gorgeous fabric recently. I couldn’t WAIT to make a few bike bags out of this owl fabric. Here are some work in progress shots. These bike bags could be for boy or girl.


Going to Nebraska

This lovely flower bike basket is going to her new home in Nebraska — enjoy your new home!!

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